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A Full-Body HIIT Workout in 30 Minutes

Discover Our Energizing Fitness Class in Jacksonville, FL

At Timed:Exercise, our goal is to provide a comprehensive and dynamic fitness program that not only inspires change, but also transforms the lives of our members. Our team makes exercise efficient, fun, and achievable to help you reach your desired results and sustain them for a lifetime.

Whether you're someone who dreads working out but cares about their health or an avid exercise enthusiast looking to improve, Timed:Exercise's HIIT classes cater to all fitness levels in a friendly, welcoming space. You'll experience one-on-one support from our certified trainers while participating in the excitement and motivation of a group environment! Our classes give you the best of both worlds.

Our Method

item imageGet In:You'll pick from an array of personal workout spots while our trainers give you a rundown of the day's workout and demonstrate each move. And don't worry; we'll be there to answer any questions before starting the dynamic warmup.
item imageGet Fit:Get ready to sweat and have fun with your personalized workout! You'll power through the exercises at your own pace with the goal of completing the whole workout in 30 minutes or less. We'll cheer you on, make sure you're exercising safely, and adjust your movements if needed.
item imageGet Out:You'll wrap up your workout with a calming cool-down session. We'll keep track of your time and achievements throughout the T:E program so you can follow your progress. Rehydrate with some water and grab a towel before heading out to conquer the rest of your day!

Sound Interesting? Try a Free Class!

Get your first session on us when you sign up for a class at Timed:Exercise. After that, you'll be able to take advantage of our trial month promotion, where you'll get a 30-day membership for just $50! And it doesn't end there; sign up for a two-month membership and get your third month free!

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"I'm obsessed with TE! The trainers are amazing and push you to your max. It's such a great supportive family! I have never felt so good about myself!"
- Jax Beach Client