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The Story of Timed:Exercise

On a Mission To Create a Thriving Fitness Community

The Timed:Exercise concept and company were born out of David Smith's frustration with traditional one-on-one personal training and "big box" gym setups. Despite years of experience in these environments, David found that he was limited in his ability to increase his clients' intensity levels and often saw lackluster results. In response, he created T:E as a more organized and efficient approach to fitness, focusing on high-intensity repetition that involves both cardio and weight lifting.

David's vision for T:E was further developed when in 2012, he met Jerry Jones and Jay Kaplan, both seasoned veterans of the fitness industry. With Jerry and Jay's expertise in franchising and marketing, the three formed a partnership and set out to bring T:E to the masses. They worked tirelessly to create a program that would serve as the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle for clients of all backgrounds and fitness levels.

At Timed:Exercise, our floor plan and workout spaces have been meticulously designed to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, while trainer-led sessions ensure that every client receives personalized attention and guidance. Whether you're looking to build muscle, increase endurance, or simply lead a healthier lifestyle, T:E offers a unique and dynamic approach to fitness.

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Our Mission

Our mission at Timed:Exercise is to provide a dynamic and organized approach to fitness that empowers individuals to reach their full potential. We believe in the power of high-intensity repetition and one-on-one guidance and strive to create a supportive environment where clients can achieve their goals and lead healthier lives.

"I could tell by the mixture of people in the room; me, NFL players, and grandmothers, all doing the same exercises but at different paces. There was this community of people that understood this was a one-of-a-kind place, and I wanted in."
- Jay Kaplan