Our Story

Our Story

The Timed:Exercise concept and company was crafted based on David Smith’s years of participating in one-on-one personal and “big box” training often seen at large gyms.

David was frustrated with the lack of freedom to move about the facilities in order to raise his clients’ intensity levels, as well as the lack of results individuals were seeing.

David developed the concept of T:E to be an organized, trainer-led program, focused on intensity through repetition rather than weight amount. He also designed the floor setup and layout to achieve the most efficient and effective utilization of space.

David met Jerry Jones and Jay Kaplan, both veterans of the fitness industry, in 2012 and the journey to form a new T:E began. Both Jerry and Jay’s experience in franchising and marketing fit well with David and the T:E concept.

Once the decision was made to become a team, the hard work began with one goal in mind: Make T:E the cornerstone for all clients’ desire to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle!