How It Works

How It Works

Timed:Exercise inspires and transforms its members through an efficient, exciting, and attainable modern fitness program.

We are committed to offering Members a personalized and evolving program with results that last a lifetime.

T:E exists to motivate and guide Members to be their personal best. It’s more than just losing weight, it’s gaining the enthusiasm to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Our Trainers and Staff truly care and go the extra mile to motivate and focus Members to stay accountable to their personal goals.

Get In

Members choose 1 of 20 personal workout spaces. Two Trainers review the day's prescribed workout, rep count, and number of rounds for the day and demonstrate each movement in the workout. They’ll make sure all questions are answered before starting the dynamic warm-up.

Trainers note optional movements to tailor the workout for Members based on personal needs and fitness goals. Members exercise at a pace based on their individual abilities.

Get Fit

The goal is to complete the entire workout in 30 minutes or less. During that time the Trainers offer personal instruction, group motivation, and make sure everyone exercises safely.

Trainers end the day's workout by leading the group through a cool-down session. Members’ time and accomplishments are noted so they can track progress throughout the T:E program. 

Get Out

Grab a towel. Grab some water. And get out there to enjoy the rest of your day!