Franchise Info

Franchise Info

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Timed:Exercise is a premier strength and cardiovascular workout accomplished in only 30 minutes. We use your body weight along with high/low bars, kettle bells, rings, and free weights to guarantee the best workout ever. All programs are written and tested by Master trainers with more than 20 years experience in the fitness industry.

T:E puts the focus on building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through repetition of movement via the prescribed workouts. In 30 minutes, we take members through a series of exercises that are designed to maximize their time on-site while taking into consideration their personal fitness goals.

It’s a great mix of one-on-one and group training that’s shown to be a great way for members to stick with the program.

We’ve trained professional athletes and their moms. The T:E space was designed to make sure everyone, no matter their current capabilities, can complete the prescribed workout and push themselves to do it better every time.

You’re Not Alone

When you become a timed:exercise franchisee your connection with us doesn’t stop once the ink from your signature dries. Just like we’re here for our Members, we’re here for you.

With branding plans, advertising campaigns, help organizing the prescribed workouts, we want to make sure that your franchise runs smoothly. Not just in support of the T:E brand, but because we want you to succeed!

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